5 must have accessories for men that will complete any outfit

“Clothes do not make a man, but when he is made, it greatly improve his appearance”. If you look beyond the summarized sentence, things are not so cut and dry. Styling men is definitely not hectic but indeed a tricky task. Be it a man or a women, staying well dressed is a must, because it is all about your first impression after all! And to look stylish a man must have certain accessories to will complete and complement all his outfits. So for all you men out there, need not worry about how to look hot and sexy all the time because we got you covered this time! Here are we have a list of 5 must have accessories for men that will complete any outfit, here we go…

  1. A Tie or A Bow: First things first! As Oscar Wilde says “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life. A man has to have a nice set of tie and a tie pin or a bow, it is a MUST! A tie or a bow can complement any formal or even casual attires. Be it a meeting or a party or an outing, a tie or bow are just so mind boggling all the freaking time. A guys, you must get few sets of different ties and bows of few universal colors just so you can match it with almost all of your attires. A bow does not always compliments a tuxedo, you can also wear it with a half sleeve formal shirt or a nice short t shirt and a nice pair of chino shorts. A tie can so with anything formal as you all know but it doesn’t end there, you can also where these ties on an informal occasion like a party, those sleek ties looks super sexy on any guy trust me! So now you now the secret right?


  1. Watches: Watch is the sexiest thing that a man can wear! All you need for this hack is few nice watches in your wardrobe but keep in mind to get those universal ones. So good men of this world, if you wish to leave your impressions anywhere you go and you wish people to notice you, this has to be done! Also you don’t have to get all the watches of same type, you must get one metal plated watch for your formal wear, one leather band watch for all your casual outings, one sports watch for casual occasions and lastly, a digital fit bit watch (trending these days) and trust me people will notice you. I personally notice a guys watch first and always compliment them on that line. So the mantra is GOOD WATCH COLLECTION = GOOD IMPRESSION.


  1. Shoes: Shoes are everybody’s imperial thingy. Like you feel like king of the world when you are wearing a nice pair of shoes and honestly I judge guys by there shoe and trust me A LOT OF PEOPLE DO THAT TOO, most importantly on your big interview day that is the first observed thing. So it is of supreme importance to get lots and lots of nice shoes and also to have variation amongst them. Do get a nice pair of boots, it looks really rich when paired well. Also a nice universal sneakers is a great deal too. You can also get few espadrille and loafers for casual occasions and lastly, a formal pair is a must have and hushhh!!! you are covered for all coming occasions. So get on your phones, do your R&D and loot all the sales possible or you can gradually build your wardrobe, either ways you gonna rock and roll everywhere you go. So next time you spot a sale, you know what you must buy right?


  1. Sunglasses: Well sunglasses are not only an accessory but a need too especially if you are one of those who prefers traveling by roadways but other than a necessity it is one of the most stylist accessory in my opinion. Owning nice shades are really impressive be it an aviator or wayfarer or anything that suits you and it reflects how cautious you are in all your styling departments. Be it an outing or traveling, shades are noticed and hence is a must! So guys get a nice and expensive shades to keep up your charm because looking good is not narcissist but self respecting. Nice because of obvious reasons and expensive because it is for your eyes and no chances to be taken on that line and moreover the branded shades cools your eyes in sun and has a lot of benefits so why not? But sometimes styling can be costly, but don’t you worry we have a solution for that too! Ajio promocode flat 40 to 70% off on 2790. There are many coupon codes available on different brands. Styling – check, Savings – check!


  1. Wallet: Wallets undoubtedly are the most important part of every guys life and every guy loves having a sexy wallet with them. Wallets by all means complete your outfit – any outfit! After all dressing well is a form of good manner, isn’t it? But but but… who knew that world is that judgmental, yes people notice everything and when you have a nice sexy wallet with you people are definitely going to ask you where did you get that from! So if ever you spot a novice leather wallet anywhere, take it right away! First, it keeps your cards and money safe. Second, it gets people to notice you. Not a bad deal right? If I am ever asked to list the most important yet stylist accessories for men, it would always be a wallet, don’t you agree?


 So these were our 5 must have accessories for men that will complete any outfit. Life could be simple and style is the perfection of point of view, so all you need is to add up these listed accessories in your wardrobe and live in peace. Next time if you are running late for your interview, office or party you know what you have to pair to look perfect and leave a good impression! Styling men is not a hectic task but it is indeed a very thoughtful process. So all you men out there, put in your thoughts and efforts and get the best out of you with these accessories. All the best!

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