Planning to do MBA in Future? 5 Reasons Why You Must Do BBA Course Before That

“Are you planning to get a degree in MBA? Then going for BBA course before that will be the right option for you.“

If you are aware of the market and the job situation in India, you surely know how difficult it is to find the right job in market where there are lacs of students graduation every year. Stakes are always high here and the competition is really tough. So, it is necessary that you prepare yourself for the long run and stay ahead from your competitors. To make a mark in their market and it make it big in your career, it is necessary that you think of a different curse of studies rather than the most common general course of studies. Getting a degree in a professional course can be the best idea for you.

So, when you are considering a professional degree, have you thought of doing MBA? Obviously, you must have. Given the current market situation and the rise of numerous companies in the whole country, the demand of professionals with MBA degree is increasing rapidly in the administration and financial handlings. Hence getting MBA can be the right choice for you. But have you thought about the prior preparation for MBA? The course that you need to do before MBA? Well, there are many students who go for MBA after graduating in general studies commerce stream. However, they lag behind in the competition due to the lack of exposure as well as practical learning. So, if you want to remain ahead and excel in MBA, then getting a degree in BBA course in Kolkata will be the right decision for you. Why doing a BBA is necessary you are thinking? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Planning to do MBA in Future? 5 Reasons Why You Must Do BBA Course Before That

Proper Introduction

Getting a degree from one of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata will offer you a proper introduction in the corporate world and the nuances of it. When you will be doing your MBA, you have to deal with the hardcore challenges of the corporate jobs. A course in BBA will help you prepare for that. You will be able to make sure that you get all the necessary expertise before even you start with MBA.

Solid Base

When you are preparing for MBA, it is necessary that you have a solid base academically. A general study course in commerce will offer you insight in the subjects like accounts and finance. But only a BBA course will be able to help you prepare for the business administrating and the necessary knowledge that will keep you ahead in the competition during the MBA admission as well as help you learn faster so that you can get benefitted in a log run.

Hands On Experience

Just like MBA, when you are studying BBA, you get a hands on experience in the matter of corporate challenges. During your course, you will get to work on different case studies and will be guided by the faculty who are expert in dealing with the challenges of corporate world and the practical issues in business administration. So, during your course you will become prepared a lot too.


Once you do your BBA, there will be plethora of options open for you. No matter what you want to do your MBA in, you can go for various ways. Accounts, finance, human resources and so on, all these option will be waiting for you. Unlike BBA, if you are going for commerce course then your option will become only limited with accounts and finanace only. So, for better opportunities in higher studies, trust BBA.

So, now as you know about these advantages, then what are you waiting for? Get admission in the BBA and BCA colleges in Kolkata. For information on the best BCA colleges, follow my blog.

Author Bio: Upasona Banerjee is a blogger and associated with BBA and BCA colleges in Kolkata. Here, she writes on why you should go for BBA course in Kolkata before MBA. Follow her blog to know more about best BCA college in Kolkata.

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