5 Strategies to Help Score Well on your GMAT

GMATScoring well in GMAT is not a cake walk. You need to put in a lot of determination and hard work to truly be victorious. You will have to maintain a schedule that you can follow every day. The experience will not be the same for everybody, here are certain strategies that can come handy.

Going for a GMAT online exam preparation is a very important step you must take in the beginning. These classes are designed to teach you the core components of the exam.

Before we proceed with the strategies, it is important for you to understand the purpose of this test. You need to think like the test maker when you want to ace this examination. You may not be very good at all aspects of this exams, be it math or quant. Remember that this test is not for a graduate math program. Instead this test has more to do with your ability to interpret manage, distil, and simplify complex forms of data in order to transform it into information that you can use for solving business problems and taking appropriate decisions.

Problem Solving

Whenever you want to solve a problem, take a look at the answer choices available. This can be particularly very useful. Most people would solve the problem and look for answers that match the options given. But, a times you can get clue from the choices present. This way you can opt for a shortcut to save a good amount of time. This strategy may not work with all the answers, but even a few will help in saving a lot of time.

Data Sufficiency

Data sufficiency can be quite frustrating even if you are well-versed with the concepts of math. There are ways you can be fooled easily. This is the reason you have to spend a lot of time in re-arranging and translating the information. The sequence D, A and B, C, E has worked for many. Make sure that you double check the answer after you have found it. You will have to make sure that there isn’t any hidden information or tricks available in any of the other choices. To improve this skill, you can also take up a GMAT online preparation course.

Reading Comprehension

If you employ the “active reading” method, you will be at an advantage. While reading the passage, employ the STOP methodology, i.e. Structure, Tone, Organization, and Point. Not only will be have a better understanding, but you will also be able to identify the key elements immediately.

Critical Reasoning

In this case, you must go deep into the specifics and not pay attention to the choices at hand. In most cases, you will notice that the answer fitting accurately with the reasoning of the argument is the right answer.

Sentence Correction

Try to use a logical standpoint when you are approaching sentence correction. Don’t go with your vast knowledge of idioms rather concentrate on small set of grammar rules to correct the sentences.

Always remember that GMAT is not about finding grammar Nazis or an expert of number crunchers. You just need to be good enough to be fit for a graduate business program.



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