7 Ways Glass Erase Boards Suit the Educational Industry More than the Traditional Whiteboards

glass erase boardEducation industry requires a lot of training sessions starting from the first grade to the very last. Teachers or tutors traditionally have made use of the whiteboard options to educate students in class rooms, conference seminars or any other relevant settings. Although the whiteboards have served the education industry well enough, the fall short when comparing them with more modern options like the glass erase boards. The glass erases boards are essentially made from laminated glass sheets and offer great strength and other additional features that give them the edge over the whiteboards. Here are a few distinctive ways glass erase boards suit the educational industry more than the traditional whiteboards.

1: Elegant Design

The laminated glass sheets used in the manufacturing process of the glass erase boards go through the finest finishing processes that give them very elegant looking finishes especially around the edges that are tapered slightly to increase their design appeal. When these fine finish glasses erase boards are attached to the walls using the elegant looking knobs or durable metallic handles on their corners, they look like they are a raise and very smooth part of the wall (depending on the color of course). Also, their elegant design shines when they are placed on a stand and placed in the corner beside the announce table in classrooms as well. This elegant design feature boosts their appeal when compared with traditional whiteboards manifolds, which are rather plain and outdated when it comes to the design feature.

2: Much More Durable

Laminated glass sheets are well-known for their added strength level and their non-breakability that comes as a benefit of essentially pasting more than one sheets of strong glass together using a layer of vinyl or strong adhesive in the middle. Same can be said about the glass erase boards as well. Unless intentionally attempted to break them with heavy sharp objects, they will not break or even crack giving them the strength edge over the whiteboards as well. Considering the fact that the whiteboards only last so much time before their edges start to come apart and their surface starts to pick up permanent color from the markets, this is one of the more effective ways glass erase boards suit the educational industry more than the traditional whiteboards.

glass erase board

3: Keeps the New Design and Shine for Long

Clear glass surfaces including the glass erase boards have this unique ability to keep their design and shine for as long as they are not thrown away or replaced. Their surfaces are particularly smooth and help erase all the ink that markers leave on them easily and completely without leaving any residue or color on the surface. This enables them to keep their shiny new design features for long periods of time. Traditional whiteboards needed to be changed every so often, with glass erase boards, using the right markets, you will not need to replace them for many years to come.

4: Can Fit on Multiple Locations

With the elegant design features, these glasses erase boards come in and the various color choices available, there is potentially no limit to where they can be fitted. The choices are open to fit them on walls around the class room for various purposes including sticking notes or class tasks on them, on stands in various parts of the class rooms to be used for different activities during class times or even on the table surfaces on student or tutor desks where they can be used to jot down notes for later use. Their usability is potentially limitless, wherever there is a surface of any kind, it can be replaced with glass erase boards and it will all be useful in one way or the other. Their enhanced usability and boosted functionality clearly makes them one of the better ways glass erase boards suit the educational industry more than the traditional whiteboards.

5: Magnetic Erase Boards Reduce the Clutter a Great Deal

By installing a magnetic sheet beneath the glass erase boards, these can be turned effectively into magnetic surfaces on which certain items including marker holders, eraser holders or any general frequent use items can be attached magnetically. This not only will make accessing them much easier without losing them here and there all the time, but also this will reduce the clutter near the tutor’s desk or the shelf below the traditional whiteboards. Keeping in mind that tutors are notorious for losing markers and erasers all the time, this is a very effective way of providing them with a dedicated space right on the erase board where they can store them when not in use and just pick them up effortlessly when required.

glass erase board

6: Colored Options to Suit the Interior Better

Glass erase boards come in various color options as well ranging from pitch black to bright red. Depending on the color theme already in use in the classroom, glass erases boards can be installed in either matching or contrasting color choices that have the ability to complement the rest of the interior design most efficiently. The best idea is to try light on dark or dark on the light theme to get the best color theme. This will look even better when the rest of the furniture in the classroom is in the color of the glass erase board as well.

7: Clear Erase Board Looks Great on Any Color Wall

Clear boards including the Clear Glass Magnetic Eraser Board where the magnetic surface beneath the glass boards is in the color of the wall as well have the ability to look great. These can be most efficiently used to stick notes on them using magnetic clippers to hold them in place. However, the clear shiny nature of the glass has the ability to make the wall look brighter and increase the design appeal of the whole whale manifolds. Try installing one of these on the side walls in order to get maximum design outlook from them but make sure they are at a reachable height where notes can be easily attached using magnetic clippers on them. Not only will they look good but will provide great functionality as well in the process.

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