Auto insurance 9 tips to avoid paying too much

In the USA, car insurance is mandatory! And it is better to pay less than not to have any at all. Otherwise, the ticket could be salted, as well as the amount of damage caused by you or others if you have an accident. So, keep your insurance certificate safe in your wallet, as this document will always be useful. First, demystify the contract and the calculation of the premium before delivering 9 practical tips to avoid paying too much for your auto insurance.

Tips to save on your car insurance

Pay less for your car is possible by following our 9 practical tips. Yes, it will take some time, but the result will be worth it.

Council no. 1: shop your car insurance

Shop your car insurance. By phone or online, ask for at least 3 submissions. The difference in price will surprise you! You can then make an informed choice with all these options. If you do not know all the elements to submit for a quote or want to have the most realistic price possible, call an insurance agent or broker directly. The latter will help you choose the protections that suit you. In short, take the time to shop for your car insurance to get the best price.

Council no. 2: select your protections

Select the safeties that are right for you. Review them to make sure each one is really necessary. For example, the protection for the refurbishment value is useless for a used car. Collision or payout protection also becomes obsolete plus the car is old. So, choose according to your situation.

Council no. 3: reveal the truth, the whole truth

To get a realistic price, tell the truth to your insurer. He must know if your older driver sometimes drives your car or if you have had accidents with it. Hiding the truth will cause you a lot of trouble when it comes time to make a claim. In the worst case, you might not be compensated at all! So, avoid yourself a hassle by being completely honest with your insurer.

Council no. 4: watch the special rates

Watch for special rates! Some companies offer promotions depending on the job you do. Or, the school you attended may have an agreement with an insurance company that will allow you to get a discount. Also, check with the clubs and associations that you belong to. An insurance agent or broker could even help you find these great prices for you.

Council no. 5: combine car insurance and home insurance

Do business with just one company for all your insurance, including auto insurance and home insurance. Quite often, companies offer a discount to those who have all their products with them.

Council no. 6: increase your deductible

Increasing your deductible will allow you to reduce your insurance premiums. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay the amount of this deductible in case of any problem. Your insurance company will pay the difference. So, stick to your payment limit if you choose to increase your deductible.

Council no. 7: choose your vehicle

Choose your vehicle because it has a direct impact in calculating your insurance premiums. If you change cars, think about this aspect when you buy. Here are some elements that will help you make an informed choice:

Used vehicles cost less to insure because they are worthless.

Family or common vehicles are also less expensive to insure as parts needed for repairs are more accessible to find an affordable, unlike luxury cars with more expensive replacement parts.

Popular thievery vehicles increase the cost of your insurance as there is a higher risk of being victimized.

Council no. 8: equip your vehicle against theft

Equip your car against theft. Starter, alarm system, tracking system or others, you have the choice for the device to install. No matter the age of your automobile, you will receive a discount! However, check with your insurer to find out which devices are accepted by the company.

Council no. 9: keep a good driving record

Keep a good driving record. Generally, reports of violations of the Highway Safety Code and accumulated demerit points result in a higher insurance premium. So, respect the speed limits! But even more, improve your general conduct. Advanced flight lessons will help you gain more experience. You’ll know what to watch on the road, how to increase your reaction time, and learn to plan well in advance to avoid a problem situation. So, drive carefully, and you will win.


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