Boarding School Fees In India: An Important Aspect To Consider Before Dealing In With Your Child’s Future

Boarding school is a place where your child gets a quality education teamed with meals and lodging. Traditionally, in India, the pupils stayed with their teacher in his house until his education was formally completed. This was known as ‘Gurukul’ or the present day boarding school. Gone are the days when boarding schools were seen as a form of punishment for the ill-behaved child. Today, parents send their children to boarding school for the best in education together with a sense of responsibility and get a detailed information about the Boarding school admissions in your country.

What is a boarding school?

Boarding school is a residential private school where student stays in the campus in hostels or resident house. Some common features of this school are:

  • A highly structured day or predetermined routine including classes, meals, study and free time together with activities.
  • Exploring more of the world. Trying out a whole range of new activities and being involved in it.
  • Part of the global village- Students from various parts of the country and even the globe attend boarding school. Learning new languages, understanding a different perspective on the global issue plus the cultural differences is a major benefit in boarding school.
  • Gaining independence- Students in boarding school learn how to live alone under the supervision of the teachers. The rules and regulations of the boarding school later in life becomes the stepping-stone for success for many.
  • Parent-child relation- As the child is away from the eyes of the parent, the child understands the importance of parent. For other aspects like discipline, neatness, punctuality falls in the hand of school. So the child turns towards parents to complain about the rules.

Choosing a boarding school

The most important part is to make your child help you in choosing the school. It is because this decision will affect his lifestyle and he should be even involved because it is his life. Some of the important points to consider are:

  • Location
  • Ethos and philosophy of the school
  • Current students and alumni
  • Rankings and reviews of the school
  • Specialization and focus
  • The daily routine of the school

Before taking the crucial decision, which involves your child’s future, take at least some time to visit some of the shortlisted boarding schools. The amenities to look for are:

  • Type and mode of communication the school use to communicate with parents.
  • Boarding School fees in India, for comparative purpose.
  • Medical emergencies.
  • Housing standards or lodging.
  • Food options.
  • Extra circular activities and facilities.
  • School and class size.

Advantages of boarding school

  • Boarding school usually have a high teacher-student A number of students are less so there is increased interaction between students and teachers.
  • The environment in the boarding school is conducive for the overall development of students that is physical, mental and emotional.
  • Preparing for the future. Students are prepared for university well in advance. They are usually prepared for rigorous college and university life.
  • Ideal preparation for various struggles and responsibilities of life.
  • Fewer distractions so focus on career building, academic, and other activities,

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