Commit all the sins by indulging at these places for the best ice cream in Delhi


Summers and ice-cream go hand in hand. Correction – ice-cream is a dessert for all seasons. A perfect saviour for the blazing hot days. Forget dog days, ice-cream is relished in the monsoon too. What better than showers accompanied with a cone or kulfi? Who can argue against pigging out on your favouriteflavour in your blanket? There is everything in ice-cream. Stop the screams, get the ice-creams. Here are the places which can help you solve your ice-cream woes.



The most natural ice-cream with various flavours – watermelon, butterscotch, jack fruit, tender coconut, chocolate chips, etc. Fresh ice-creams here can rejuvenate you, out and out. You will be pleased as punch if you eat a scoop or more here. They are totally natural as they are very low on preservatives and artificial flavours.


An oldie but goodie. Yes, they are all over Delhi. We can’t stop gushing and drooling over their various ice-creams. They have kulfis, cones, faluda, fruit sundaes, and what not. Punjabi Delight, KajuKishmish, Chocolate with nuts, etc. Gang up with your fam or friends and hop on the roller coaster ride of ice-cream. They are also known for their best ice-cream in Mumbai.

Minus 30

They say minus, but are a plus when it comes to ice-creams. Their healthy ice-cream with diverse flavours are what everyone desires. Their cute names will have you in awe. People need to order beforehand here. But not much of a problem for the lovers of ice-cream.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is like Robinhood for all your blues. Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, and Banana Caramel – they have a whole rainbow of ice-creams for your taste. They have ice-cream sandwiches as well. So hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!


Who doesn’t like kulfi? Malaikulfi, kesarpistakulfi, paankulfi, anaarkulfi. Etc are some fo the features of Kulfiano. Their stall at HauzKhas is the ultimate place for drowning in the den of ice-cream. We won’t ask you haste, you yourself will.

Gelato Roma

Again at HauzKhas, this is a van which serves you the best gelato taking you to the alne of Italy. Swiss chocolate, Almond, coffee ice-cream are to die for. Some ice-creams topped with nuts and cream are their special flavours and items.


Home-made ice-creams and cheesecake are what they are known for. A little expensive for some tongues but they are worth all the money. Nothing beats their Belgian Chocolate. One holler for this place. In case you didn’t take it seriously we holler again! *Holler*

We hope you hit these places quickly for the best ice cream in Delhi. Screaming alone won’t help, rushing to these places will. So, wear your shades, and head out for the chilled party to chillax!



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