Composting System Helps to Preserve Our Environment.

Composting system

Compost or Composting System is basically a biological decomposition of organic material under controlled conditions. There are many materials which can be composed but it must consist of an organic component that is carbon. The products which are the principal components of composting are wood chips, vegetable scraps, paper products, municipal solid waste etc. Compost is a chemically very complex product. It requires a lot of synthesis processes at work in decomposing these organic materials. Carbon is an essential element in the compost but nitrogen may be also present in much smaller quantity. Moreover, the presence of soil organisms helps to decompose it faster. The color of the matured is dark brown and possess a soothing earthy aroma.

Importance of composting system

In our environment, there is nothing which could be called waste. The organic materials are re-utilized again and again by decomposition of these matters and the matter which is consumed by the living organisms through this cyclic process. As a result of this, the soil remains fertile for a long period of time and rapid biological growth is observed in them. This chain like the flow of the nutrient containing chemical compounds is called “nutrient cycle”. It maintains the stability of the natural system by synthesis and degradation over huge periods of time.

Composting helps to improve the condition of the soil

Composting makes the soil fertile because it supplies essential elements like potassium, calcium etc. to the plants in adequate amount. It helps to regain the soil structure by enhancing the permeability and porosity of the soil. The richness of the soil helps to fight against soil erosion like running water, heavy rainfall etc.

Reduces the effect of global warming

Composting greatly lessens the consequences of global warming. It decomposes the harmful waste materials and synthesizes it into usable products which are not only is beneficial to the whole human race but also saves our environment to a great extent.

Further posts will provide the details about Environmental Protection.


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