E-Lancing And The Changing Nature Of Work

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E-lancing is the term often used to refer to internet freelancing. It depicts the work done by a freelancer. It is mainly centered on online work. E-lancing is literally sweeping all types of business all over the world. With the everyday advancement in technology and increasing access to internet, E-lancing is growing both popular and powerful as well. Freelancing websites act as market place for e-lancing. Here,individuals who are interested in being hired meets those who are interested in hiring people for some kind of work. Nowadays employer from any part of the world can now hire an employee who may belong to any part of the world.

E-lancing has created a tremendous change in the working environment and nature of work. Employer-worker relationship is no more the same now. An employer can be a large business corporation, a small business firm, an organization etc. that needs some kind of work to be done.Worker can be an individual or a group of individuals. Small or medium sized business may also be a worker that wants to perform a particular type of task. E-lancing breaks all the barriers of conventional working environment. E-lancing doesn’t require workers to be present at a fixed time like the 9 to 5 arrangement.

Freelancing websites,as mentioned earlier, are the market place where employers meet the employee. Various processes related to work like job-designing, recruitment, selection etc. take place at this single place. Examples for such sites are Elance.com, FreeLancer.com, oDesk.com, Guru.com etc.

Millions of individuals are reportedly joining e-lancing around the world on a daily basis. If this entry continues, e-lancing can be a phenomenon in the near future. It is expected to bring about more changes in the nature of work and redefine the existing employer-employee relationship.

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