Ecotourism is gaining popularity day by day


Ecotourism gained relevance during the start of 20th century by marking above 5% steady annual growth. According to UN, the ecotourism sector would contribute 25% percent of the world’s total revenue from the tourism sector in 2020. Like the two sides of a coin, ecotourism has lots of advantages and certain disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

Ecotourism is all about attracting tourists to nature-blessed locations and bridging the gap between the tourists and local communities. The whole idea is to improve the income of the local people in the tourist destinations and develop the tourist sport with the support of local people. The local people work under tourism organizations as guides and earn their daily bread by taking the tourists around their own location. For example: – hundreds of local people work as rangers and field staffs in the Bwindi Forest in Uganda. These people even offer food and accommodation to the tourists by which they earn money for living. Since the local people earn income by serving the tourists, they play their part in developing the tourist spots and attracting the tourists.

On the other side, experts highlight the negative side of ecotourism. According to a study, a rare specie of wild monkeys in Costa Rican national park have turned into garbage feeders by eating waste food left out by the tourists. This has adversely affected the health and behavior of these monkeys.

The increased flow of tourists to ecologically sensitive areas could result to environmental degradation. Moreover, tourism is a seasonal business and therefore, the local people cannot depend on tourists for their daily income.

Whatsoever, today people can get details of every nook of the globe sitting at home through Internet. People have started loving to discover new holiday spots. Therefore, ecotourism is going to gain more popularity in the days to come. In our next posts, we will discuss the dos and don’ts that you need to follow while going on a trip to such new holiday spots.

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