Ecotourism Initiatives – An Opportunity To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Tourism

plant-2401280_1920 (1)Tourism has a very complex relationship with environment. Tourism – In general involves many activities that may potential cause problems for the environment. Many of the impacts are associated with construction of the required infrastructure such as roads, resorts, restaurants and marinas. If not managed properly the negative impacts of tourism may end up destroying the very environment on which it depends.

In order to address these problems tourism industry is coming up new forms of tourism such as eco tourism. The aim is to keep tourism small scale and leave natural areas undisturbed. Generally the purpose of such activities is to educate the traveller of the impacts to environment and to foster a respect for nature and different cultures. Personal and social responsibility, sustainability and respect for the environment are the key ideas behind such initiatives.

Ecotourism activities try and reduce the negative aspects of conventional tourism. Thus the promoters of such activities use recycling, manage things efficiently and conserve as much as possible. Use of land and resources are done in such a way to benefit local culture and preserve economic opportunities for local people. Protection of biodiversity is the key goal while planning such activities. Profit and finance often is not the primary motive behind such initiative. Environmentalists say that effective co-ordination of such activities has the potential to substantially reduce the environmental footprint generated by tourism.

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