Educational Travel And Creative Travel – Some Of The Reasons For The Exponential Growth

bicycle-2318681_1920 (1)Educational Travel is growing around the world. Students worldwide are feeling the need to enhance their competency by learning from distant centres of excellence. In this business the main focus is learning skills and knowledge in a different learning culture from one’s own. Several programs such as student exchange programs and study tours cater to this market. There are also education businesses that specialises in providing education for students based in foreign markets.

The evolution of internet is aiding the growth of this type of travel. By offering online courses centres of excellence from around the world are trying to attract the best and brightest from different regions of the world. Online providers generally combine online course delivery with some face to face content. This is also linked to the creative travel market.

Creative travel has existed for centuries. In the past rich people of the western world used to travel to different places for interactions and education. There are elements of education and culture along with a person’s creativity in this type of travel. The learning is informal and person specific. It is generally undertaken through interactive workshops or face to face (informal) discussions. Several businesses operate in this space. Some businesses try and highlight the intangible heritage through craft workshops and cooking classes. Others operate by focusing the existing infrastructure such as old castles, halls and memorials etc. It is worth noting that these two avenues increasingly provide major employment sources for a large number of people.

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