Explore the best adventurous destinations

Explore the best adventurous destinations

Mountain climbing or boat riding through fast flowing rivers provide finest opportunities for the lovers of adventure journey. These kinds of adventures make the holiday worth the money and effort. You can choose one of such places as your destination for a holiday. You can explore adventures and make it a memorable moments. A small discussion about the destinations which will help your decision:

  • Vietnam: A trip on cycle from Hanoi to the destination of Luang Prabang. Cycling through the paddy fields in the mountains of North Vietnam is an unforgettable experience. The scenic beauty is amazing. Crossing these paddy fields end with the river Mekong. Cycling along with this river, you will reach Luang Prabang, the destination point. On the road you can visit the villages and experience the culture of Vietnam in these villages.

  • Morocco: The next adventurous thing would be biking through mountains and the perfect place for that is Morocco. Biking along the mountains of Atlas is an experience worth your money. You can also enjoy zip wire adventures at Terres d’Amanar. Camel trekking and hiking offers you a striking experience at this beautiful destination.

  • Peru: Another destination famous for adventurous journey. Rafting on the whitewaters of the Urubamba river, trekking, nightlife at Cusco and biking in the sacred valleys will add flavors of adventure to your trip. Action packed adventure is guaranteed at this destination.

  • Transylvania: Provides a golden opportunity to see bears from close range and Dracula castle, adventure parks, cycling in mountains, whitewater experiences are some of the activities what this destination has to offer. You will not feel a moment of dullness at Transylvania.

Besides the above mentioned destinations, you can experience adventures of several other locations like Albania, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Costa Rica and Nepal.

We will highlight adventurous experiences of these locations in our following posts.


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