Feel The Experience Of Europe’s Best Tourist Destination – Porto

Europe’s Best Tourist Destination

Porto, one of the largest city located in Portugal is a major tourist destination in Europe. After competing for the best European destination award for the year 2014, Porto voted as the best European tourist destination and won the prize of best European destination 2014. Porto came as the winner ahead of 19 major cities in Europe and still holds the crown of best European destination.

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe which is diversified with its culture, architecture, and gastronomy. Situated on the banks of river Douro, the city of Porto includes some beautiful towns which are cohabited with the river. The main attraction of the Porto city is its golden river Douro. Tourists can have a clear view of the city by a fly over on a helicopter or experience the natural beauty and the architecture of the city by a tourist boat on the beautiful river. A tram service is also available in the Porto city which will bring you the beauty of various Atlantic beaches located near the city.

Apart from the river Douro and its related tourist attractions, Porto has some other mind blowing tourist spots like Maria Pia Bridge, Serralves, the historical building Palacio Da Bolsa etc. Palacio Da Bolsa is a historical palace which was built in the 19th century and located beside the St. Francis church of Porto. The palace is world famous for its building architecture and design. Most parts of the Palace was completed in the early 1850 and the rest of the design works completed in the early 20th century.

Other major ancient buildings, bridges and natural wonders make the Porto city a must visit tourist destination at least once in your life. So when you think of a trip, don’t hesitate, just book your tickets to visit the Porto city.

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