Food items that fight against stress

Food and Stress


Modern life is full of quarrels, deadlines, demands and frustrations. Today, stress is the reason for a wide range of health disorders. The symptoms of stress are almost same for everyone. It badly affects the mind, body and social behaviour of an individual. Stress can affect not only physical health but also could ruin your relationships at home, work and school. People who suffer from stress can have head ache, stomach pain, depression, sleeping problems etc.

An effective way to manage stress is to prevent it. Getting enough sleep, doing regular exercise, practicing yoga, a proper diet and taking time out to relax may turn out to be helpful in this regard. Stress and nutrients are connected to each other. People with healthy diet are likely to be far less stressed than people with poor diet. Healthy food and regular exercises are the easiest methods for relieving stress. Food items with high minerals and vitamins can help you to reduce stress.

A balanced supply of vitamins and minerals can reduce stress levels. So, it’s very important to avoid fast food items and increase the intake of healthy food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you should include verities of fruits and vegetables in your diet to stay away from stress. Vegetables even contain high level of fiber. Fiber content is helpful for treating stomach issues, which is another ill effect of stress. Likewise, the increase in blood glucose levels may increase the stress levels. So, it’s better to reduce the amount of sugar to keep stress level under control.

Yogurts and soups are good for de-stress. So, it’s a good idea to have salads made up of rich fruits and vegetables during snack time. Vitamin E can boost the immune system which in turn reduces stress hormones. Peanuts and avocados are great sources of vitamin E. If you are feeling stressed out, try eating Peanuts and avocados, you can feel the difference.

In our later posts, we will discuss more about food and relaxation.

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