Food Processing: An easy way to preserve food

food processing


We all are born with a love of good and variety of foods. Food manufacturing industries manufactured and stored different ingredients of food for transporting them to various hotels and supermarkets. The makeover of raw components of food into other forms to produce saleable food products that can be easily prepared and served is called food processing. Food processing is a method of renovating or preserving raw food substances into well-cooked and good conserved eatables for our consumption. For processing, industries used the supreme quality nutritious ingredients and are carefully packed in a very healthy atmosphere.
Throughout the year man manufactures more food stuff than he actually needs. But he can’t eat all at the same time and it’s necessary to store and preserve those for future use. To avoid spoiling there are several methods and process to convert the raw food materials into processed food and such processes also helps to make food tastier. Preservation of food consist all types of cooked, dried, canned, marinated, frozen, boiled, oxidation, toxic inhibition, dehydrated, osmotic inhibition and other combinations of all these methods.

Decreasing the water content in the food particles is drying and this is the most common and ancient method to preserve food items likes grains and cereals. This helps to avoid multiplying bacteria and thus keep the food fresh. Cooking and freezing are also used commonly in houses for further use. Salting and sugaring is usually done for preserving non vegetarian items like fish and meat or fruits. Salting is done through the process of osmosis. Sugaring means fruits are cooked with sugar until they are crystallized and then it is stored dry. Food cooked in chemicals like brine, vinegar or vegetable oil to destroy micro-organisms are pickling. These are some examples for processing and are valuable only if it is made under the rules set by the government.
Further post provide tips to preserve food items.

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