Future Scope of Biotechnology Industry in India 2019

Biotechnology is one of the most sought-after courses in India today as it offers many career options. It is a science to study the use of advanced life sciences and living organisms such as yeast, bacteria, plant cells, etc. to produce beneficial health and medicinal effects for humans. The subject is a vast subject, comprising various fields like as Food Technology, Nutrition, Healthcare, etc., offering a great scope of career opportunities in Biotechnology jobs in India. Either you can do a B.Tech in Biotechnology or BSc in Biotechnology and do further post-graduate and doctorate studies. Hence, there are many job avenues in both research and engineering fields for a biotechnologist.

Types of Biotechnology jobs in the country.

Biotechnology has sub-fields. Accordingly there are various types of biotechnology jobs as per the chosen fields. These are as follows:

  • Biomedical Engineering: Here, the job profile requires the candidate to develop equipment and devices that solve clinical problems and he or she has to work in close association with doctors and researchers.
  • Food Technology: Biotechnology jobs as a food technologist require candidates to do scientific research on improving quality of various food items. They also have to find out methods on preservation of food items and how to enhance the nutritional value of food.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics: Another field of Biotechnology job is to research and find practices that overall improve the health and nutrition of the community and the society.
  • Microbiology: As a microbiologist, the candidates can study micro-organisms, and find out ways to use microorganisms to provide health benefits to individuals or communities.
  • Biochemistry: Biochemist professionals in Biotechnology Jobs in India play an important role in improving agricultural produce, improve nutrition, and provide better treatment of diseases.
  • Forensic Sciences: This is an upcoming biotechnology job. Forensic scientists are given the responsibility of performing proof-based research to solve crimes.

So, when it comes to career opportunities in Biotechnology, there are many options to choose from on the basis of the various fields available. The roles and responsibilities are wide and varied, right from production engineers to quality control analysts, from scientists to researchers and so on.

Sectors providing Biotechnology Jobs in India

The prominent sectors where candidates can apply for Biotechnology jobs in different roles in terms of experience and qualification are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Food and Chemical Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Biological industry
  • Bioinformatics etc.

Presently, biopharmaceutical sector occupies the largest share of the biotechnology industry, contributing 64% of the total revenue. This is followed by biological services, bio-agriculture, bio-industrial and bio-informatics.

Future of Biotechnology Jobs in India 2019

Biotechnology as a subject and as a career opportunity has a tremendous scope of growth. India is an upcoming Biotechnology center in the global world as it stands among the top 12 destinations. In the Asia-Pacific region, it stands third. India has a bright prospect in Biotechnology jobs. It is a growing industry which not many are aware of. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, whose value stands at 11$ billion at present. According to a report by the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), biotechnology industry will touch 100$ billion by 2025. The industry is growing almost at the rate of 30% every year, giving wonderful job opportunities.

The government of India is investing quite a lot in the biotech industry in research, innovation and development. Hence, in future, there will be more and more Biotechnology Jobs in India.

For those who are passionate about science and research work, biotechnology subject offers different career opportunities. Jobs are available not only in the public and private sectors but also in entrepreneurship opportunities. Domestic and foreign investment for manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals, in R&D sector have created a great number of Biotechnology Jobs by many foreign companies in India. Thus, Indian biotechnology industry is entering a new era, providing economic growth and development of our country.

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