GMAT Preparation: Common Mistakes

The most important step in creating a comprehensive plan of study for GMAT is to actually understand the exam properly. It is so critical that your time and effort isn’t wasted by directing your energy in the wrong directions and by using inefficient strategies. Below is a list of the mistakes that are commonly made while preparing for GMAT.

GMAT Preparation: Common Mistakes

  1. People are scared to make mistakes

It is very natural to make mistakes. You shouldn’t think of it as a failure. In fact, making mistakes are some of the best things you can do. Every time you make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn. It is far more effective to learn from a mistake because it will stay in your head forever. It is great to get answers right, but it is better to make a few mistakes and find out where you’re struggling. No one is perfect. The more mistakes you make, the sharper you get at not repeating them.

  1. No awareness of strengths and weaknesses

It is very important to know what you are good at and also what you are weak at. This enables you to make a great study plan that covers every weakness of yours thoroughly. You can spend more time in sections that you aren’t so strong with, thereby spreading out your time effectively. This is the best and practically the only way you can find out where you are really falling short. Often you will find that there are certain mistakes that you make very often. This is a great way to eat with such mistakes.

  1. Underestimating the test, and the competition

Never ever underestimate anyone. A lot of people end up unable to do ace GMAT because they take it too lightly and don’t show it the respect that the exam deserves. You may have been the topper in your class and might be used to acing every exam you take. However, you have to remember that this is an exam that is going to be taken by several people who are exactly like you. There are overachievers from every part of the world who are taking part in the race for the same top prize. This makes it highly cut-throat competition. Moreover, GMAT grading is based on how well you did with respect to the rest of the competition. Most people spend an entire year to prepare for the exam, and even take GMAT coaching. So if you think you can ace it with last minute preparation, you should think again.

  1. Not giving enough importance to the verbal section

Many people neglect the verbal section because they think that they are pretty at spoken English. It is certainly necessary to have a good hold over the language, but it is definitely not enough. In fact, there are numerous native English speakers who are unable to get a high score in this section due to poor preparation. The section is a lot about reasoning in English, and isn’t as simple as people think. One should learn all the various rules and formats of the section that may not be so intuitive without practice.

Spending time at a good GMAT coaching class will enable you to tackle all these problems and more, getting you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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