Hospitality Services is a department providing all services. In every hotel, hospitality is a must because they are responsible for all activities happening in a hotel. Actually, hospitality is a part of the hotel industry. The hospitality department takes care of you from your check in to check out. They are the people who are ready to help you all the time.


Check-in and Check-out

When you are going to check-in a hotel, the hospitality department is taking care of you. They help you to finish all the check-in procedures. And they assist you to get your room and they bring languages. When you check-in a hotel then the responsibility of taking care of you belongs to hospitality department and their duty will end only after your check-out.

House Keeping

Housekeeping is coming under hospitality department. Housekeeping includes all the supervision and management of hotel rooms and guests. Cleaning and arrangements in rooms are done by housekeeping department. The laundry service is also the responsibility of house keeping department. If a customer makes dirt in the bed and the housekeeping workers didn’t recognize that before the guest leaves the room, the amount for the bed will charge from the housekeeping department otherwise it finds before the guest went, the charge goes to the customer.

Room Service

The housekeeping departments provide all type of room service include food and beverage. Providing quality service at the moment is the major responsibility for housekeeping departments. Faster service for customer’s order will help the department to increase their goodwill. In simple words keep the customer happy and make the stay more comfortable.

24 Hour Security

Providing security for their valuable customers is very important for a hotel industry. So the hotels provide security guards all the time for the overall protection. The housekeeping department is also responsible for the customer’s safety because customers are the king of all business. It is the duty of hospitality department provide safety and all amenities to the customers.

Good Personality

A good personality is the most important part of every business always. A good personality includes patience, smart, intelligence etc. You are depended on the customer so it is your strategy to maintain a proper or good relationship with the customer always. Customer may
shout on you and even he said bad words but control yourself and find a solution for the customer’s problem in a good manner. That type of emotional intelligence helps the hotel industry to improve business.

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