Things to Know Before You Go to Bali


Bali is just one of 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia and is certainly the most popular island target for visitors. All around the planet, Bali is recognized as a paradise island with sun-drenched beaches, white sand, excellent surf spots, fishing villages, and masses more. When you travel to Bali you aren’t only going to stay| in some of the plushest Bali accommodation that is on par with any other spot, but you will find tiny villages that have not changed in centuries and it is going to be as though you stepped back in time.

Balinese folk are extremely friendly and will always return a grin and attempt to make you feel as cozy as possible by providing glorious services when you stay with them. Some places don’t allow tipping, but you’ll always want to even in the most expensive cafes because of the attention and service you will receive. The currency that’s used in Bali is the IDR ( Indonesian Rupiah ) and coming from a developed country your money will go a good way.

Manners and respect are crucial to the Balinese, so it is important to learn a couple of their customs. Though they are accepting of the westerner’s ways you will always find that folk will be much friendlier if you try to observe their customs, even if you do not get it right, they will appreciate your effort.

Some of the most important ones that may cause offense are, never touch or pat somebody on the head, including children as it is considered very rude. Taking your shoes off before entering somebody’s house is an indication of respect. Pointing with your hand is alright, but never point with your foot. When visiting a temple, don’t hang any clothing on the temple walls, Balinese folk takes their religion seriously, always sit lower than sacred objects and honored guests at marriages or rites. When doing your washing hang your underwear on the lowest rung and if going for a stroll don’t walk under a washing line so that underwear is above your head.

Getting to Bali is reasonably simple from any country and flights leave daily, although a stopover could be required from some places. There are no Bali visa requirements if you hold a passport of one of the Indonesian states and most other nationals can get a visa easily. VOA ( visas on arrival ) are going to be available at the airport when you land and cost between and depending on how long you are staying, a visa will give you 30 days. Never overstay your visa as the Indonesian nations are very stern when it comes to this.

Before you make a decision to go to Bali always make tour plan first if you have planted to going camping or fishing. You need to find tent and fishing kayak rental service near your camping or fishing location. Also always check with your doctor for any vaccination treatments that you may need in the wild environment.

The reason that Bali is a beautiful country is that it is tropical and with the superb vegetation and marine life comes to some unpleasant little bugs. You will be quite safe if you get all of your bags before you leave. One thing that you shouldn’t do is drink the tap water, and some people recommend not to clean your teeth with it either. Bottled water is cheap and freely available so use it. If you do not you might end up with a thing by the name of Bali Belly and you do not need this.

Taking a few precautions and following some simple advice will make sure that your holiday is a problem free one and that you can enjoy all that Bali has to offer which is a lot. Given that a holiday is generally short it is important to head this advice as a case of| serious case of| bad case of} some tropical ailment could devastate your holiday and see you lying in bed for the whole duration.

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