Make your train Journeys Scrumptious with Fresh Cuisines

Fresh Cuisines People are very particular about hygiene these days. Most of the people travel by train and since it is so, they always stay alerted about what they eat and drink. Having this view in mind, a platform named TravelKhana came into existence for ensuring hygienic, fresh and tasty food to people.

What is TravelKhana?

Talking about TravelKhana, it is a food technology company spread in 250cities and in around 4000 trains across the country. With this platform, you can book Eatables and food online for your train trip.If you are traveling and want something delicious to relish, just go through their Android and IOS application and you can swipe through plenty of food options.

The icing on the cake is that you can place an order even if the internet is not working. Certainly, many times, the mobile network in trains is very weak. Since it is so, TravelKhana has provided its consumers an option of offline order too.Their application works even without internet connection.Even if you don’t have an android phone, don’t worry! You can order food in train through the website or through customer care service number (0880-31-31-31). Once you have placed the order, their staff will be waiting for you at the station with hot and crisp food when your train arrives. So, this way, train food delivery will ensure that you don’t stay aloof from scrumptious and hygienic food.


What if food gets late?

Availability – Your train may get a couple of hours late, but the services of TravelKhana will never be late. It is their strict adherence to the policy of – ‘customer comes first’. After all, for them, the satisfaction of the passengers is of surmounting importance. Perhaps, this is their dedication and passion that has fetched them a lot of esteem and a celebrated reputation.

Most of the families that travel by trains use this platform so as to make sure that they don’t have to travel empty stomach. Similarly, they don’t want to take any chance with the hygiene aspect.What is the point if you are consuming germs and particles with food? Of course, you are going to see plenty of vendors on halts and station stoppages catering different types of eatables. But do you think that you can vouch for them? Nobody can!

But in the domain of TravelKhana, they vouch for quality and hygiene. They make sure that their food is fresh, hygienic, properly packed and clean. After all, they have a reputation to maintain and they are there to win the hearts and crown the minds with their excellence. They cannot afford to leave the railway passengers disappointed. Since it is so, you get 100% guarantee that you will get fresh and delicious food.

So, next time, whenever you are traveling to any other place by train, it is better that you talk to TravelKhana.In their presence, you need not rely on any other random food vendors. After all, everyone knows how dirty and unhygienic stations are!



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