Best of Martigny: A Travel Destination

Travel Destination


Martigny is an amazing pallet of artistic discoveries and cultural activities. Martigny, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, is famous for its gastronomy. Hallowed with the warm Valais sunshine, the region is apt for growing apricots, strawberries, asparaguses, grapes etc. In the past, famous figures such as Goethe, Rousseau, Liszt, and Stendhal, already succumbed to the region’s gastronomic delight.
The history of Martigny stretches back two thousand years. The Romans, Celtic tribes, and Napoleon’s troupes have left archeological remains behind traces. Martigny is known for its restored amphitheater, temples, Roman thermal baths and living quarters. The city became the first bishop’s seat in Switzerland and Vieux-Bourg featuring secular buildings and churches worth seeing. Cow wrestling is a key attraction of Martigny and it takes place in the Roman amphitheater.
The Pierre Gianadda Foundation museum is a very popular cultural attraction in Martigny. It was built on the remains of a former Roman Temple. In addition to the Gallo-Roman Museum, the foundation houses a car museum. The Foundation conducts two world famous painting exhibitions of renowned artists.

The Earth Science Museum is another important attraction of Martigny. It presents a wide variety of crystals from Valais, mines of Valais and geology of Valais. St. Bernard Dog Museum, a museum situated in the former military warehouse. It is an array of documents and artifacts which tell the history of St. Bernard dogs. St. Bernard dog is a symbol of Switzerland.
Trient Gorge is a paradise for botanists and climbers. The Pissevache waterfall is very attractive and deserves great fame than many other waterfalls on this earth. Evionnaz Labyrinth, one of the world’s largest labyrinth gardens, is located between St. Maurice and Martigny. Playful Challenges, obstacles, games and hidden treasures await visitors at the end of the labyrinth.
Lac d’ Emmosson Reservoir is mainly for the hydroelectric power generation located in Martigny. The journey to Emmosson reservoir is impressive and four scenic railways lead to the same. It offers more scenic enjoyment to the visitors.
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