Necessity Of Website To Become Successful In Business


Web applications have become more complex as our technologies move forward. But, regardless of the evolving technology, a website’s success still determines that how the users perceive it. Therefore, User Experience Design (UED), UI, or UX plays a pivotal role in the website design and development process. The awareness about the vital requirements of end users of a product or service at each stage of developing process is essential to develop a UI centered website.

User experience design mainly includes a sequence of interactions between a system and a user. This interaction may be physical or virtual, designed to support or meet user needs and wants. The main elements that we should have to take care while designing and developing a well-designed website based on UI are the following:

  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information architecture
  • Usability
  • Accessibility

Visual Design: The look and feel of the front end must be eye-catching and. The aesthetic part of user interface design relies mainly upon graphic design or visual design. For creating an efficient user interface design, you have to organize design elements like images, colors, typography etc. wisely.

Interaction Design: The strong focus of web designers should be on creating user interactive design that matches the standards of latest UI patterns and user expectations. Interactive designs mainly focus on how effectively the interaction between computers and users take place. This niche is also referred to as Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Information Architecture: The structuring and organizing of information is another important thing to achieve a website based on user experience design. Now a days people are very busy and have no time or patience to search needed information. Therefore, it is the responsibility of web professionals to effectively organize and present the information.

Usability: Usability is all about the efficiency, effectiveness and overall satisfaction of the user. Efficiently built web page navigation allows users to seamlessly navigate throughout your web pages. To create an efficient and extensible navigation system, the professionals must understand the possible navigation styles and elements that support both your user’s capabilities and the business needs.

Accessibility: In terms of user experience design , a website should be easy to use, reachable and understandable. The website should be flexible to meet different user preferences, needs and situations. Even the people with disabilities can perceive, navigate, understand and interact with the web.

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