All you need to know about Funded Swedish Start-ups

Fintech is still one of the biggest single sectors of Sweden where it has attracted over 13 per cent capital for the country. One of the major investment of 10 per cent has been done in the sector of Digital Health. However, that does not mean the Tech companies are lagging behind. All the companies who have invested in Sweden are really doing well for themselves and some of the recently funded Fintech companies in Sweden which have brought in a huge amount of capital for Sweden are discussed below.

  1. Software Asset Management: Two North American funds invested in this sector back in 2004 to develop a software provider that will help companies to efficiently manage and curb down the cost of software license compliance. Currently, there are almost 700 people working in this sector spanning across 21 markets all over the world.
  2. Digital Health: One of the highest sector to earn capital is Digital Health. Here, the apps have been developed to create an interface where patients and doctors can interact through video conference. Their popularity is going gradually and all the capital earned are being invested for further development and expansion into the newer markets.
  3. Music Streaming: This market came into existence in Sweden around 2013 and since then there has been no moment of stepping backwards. They have become the go-to provider of music for all top-notch restaurants and shopping complexes. Currently, their market is growing by 300 to 400 per cent per year and they are planning on global domination by the next five years.
  4. E-commerce: Most of the e-commerce market in Sweden runs on food products. These companies are backed by both Swedish and Danish investors and they have made a market of half a billion currencies so far. However, they are currently covering some losses but they definitely look promising in future.
  5. Cleantech and Water Efficiency: These companies have super-efficient close loop shower which can recycle up to 90 per cent of water. They have adapted environmental technologies which are appreciated globally and they are planning to make their ways in space technology soon!
  6. Media and Streaming: The companies related to media and streaming are relatively new and they started off their business in 2012. They have a monthly subscription fee which their users need to pay and they have almost globalized themselves in the entire consumer magazine market.
  7. Cleantech and Energy Storage: The investment in these companies are huge summing up to 40 billion Swedish Krona. The investors investing in these companies have already worked with tech giants and are only looking to experiment further. These companies are specifically battery factories which can give a stiff competition to the former gigafactories.
  8. Fintech and Consumer Apps: These funded Fintech companies in Sweden creates apps which helps people to save money by tracking their expense and also nudges them towards pre-set goals. This sort of company is currently working only in the United States.
  9. Fintech and E-Voicing: These companies have employed 200 people by far to create a cloud-based platform which makes order placements and generating invoices easier for companies.

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