How Many People Claim for an Accident Each Year?

How Many People Claim for an Accident Each YearOver millions, accidents happen each year in the UAE. Government figures show that over 500,000 of those were road traffic accidents, nearly 700,000 of them accidents at work and many of the rest were slips, trips or falls which are estimated to be more than double the road traffic or work-related accidents.

How many of the injured parties in these accident makes a claim can only be based on assumptions, as some accidents have several victims, and some are solo events where no one else is to blame, so no compensation is possible.

If we assume that there were one victim and one guilty party for each accident that would mean there would be 1.5 million victims who could make a claim. There are no accurate records as to how many victims actually make a claim, but various sources suggest that just under half claim the compensation they are entitled to.  This means there could be as many as 750,000 claims made each year in the UAE.

Why the other half don’t claim

Victims give various reasons for not making a claim for an accident, most of them common misconceptions. Some of the reasons given are:

  • It costs too much.In 2016, 985 of all personal injury claims were financed by the no win no fee agreement, which means that no money is needed to start your claim or if your claim is lost.
  • It takes too long.No, it does not.  Many claims take a few months and some are settled in weeks.  You will always see cases in the media that have taken years, but there are nearly always exceptional circumstances for this.
  • It is too much hassle. Not if you use the lawyers at UAE Claim Lawyers.  They will handle your claim quickly, simply and efficiently, keeping the process hassle-free for the victim.
  • I have left it too late.In most cases, you have three years to make your claim from the date of the accidentIt is better if you market sooner than this, but many victims seem to think they are too late to make a claim after just a few months.
  • It is not worth it for the amount I will get.  No one can tell you a definite amount you will receive because there are so many aspects that have to be accounted for when making a claim. But the deciding factor for many claimants that do go ahead with their claim is having an estimate of how much their compensation could be. This can be found by filling in the 6 simple questions on the website, and in less than 30 seconds they can have some idea of the amount they could be awarded.

Just taking the time to look into personal injury claims properly could give victims back the financial stability that an accident often takes away, with very little to do themselves when they use the right claim management company.

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