How to Provide Relaxation to Our Elders?



Most of the elders spend the bulk of their time without any activity. They want to take care of their life’s basics and they don’t leave their home except for doctor appointments or a special occasion. Most of the families are not interested to take a senior out with them. But it provides some fun if we go out with the elders.

This article provides some ideas to take out the elders:

  1. Sunday drive: Driving around the local community to check out the activities of home town is a great opportunity for many seniors. Although the life is more difficult now, many elders are happy to watch their changing home town. For example, construction of new buildings such as shopping malls, houses, new residents etc. If they are able to walk some distance, get them out of the car and walk with them. They also will be interested to share about their old days.
  2. Visit Zoo: Visiting a zoo with elders is a great idea. They not only can enjoy the activities of animals but they also will get the opportunity to see how our children reacting to these animals. If the elder is not able to walk, you need to buy or rent a wheel chair. These types of activities will increase the energetic level of our loved ones (elders).

  3. Restaurants: Going out for lunch or dinner with our elders is a great idea. This idea will help to reduce the stress and provide relaxation to them. It is easy to provide them with these types of enjoyment. The elders will be happy to enjoy one-time food once in two weeks or even once in a month.
  4. Enjoy children at play: Provide elders with the facilities to watch playing of our children on the play ground or swimming on ponds. It is very interesting and time pass for elders to observe children’s laughing, innocent fighting etc. give relax to elders
  5. Programs: Take your elders to the school anniversaries and other entertainment programs of your children. It will be particularly nice for the grandparents if your child is involved in the programs. Focusing on the programs of younger ones if your senior doesn’t know any of the children participating in the program because they will be more cute and innocent. If their grandchildren are involved, take the elders to watch their programs. You will be available at any time to take them home if he or she feels uncomfortable.
  6. Have a picnic. If your elders are able, going to be a park would be a nice idea. Spend time in the greenish ground help them to relax their mind. Visiting this nearby park will provide a picnic feeling to your elders.
  7. Check out the crops. If your senior has an agricultural background, it will be interesting them to visit the paddy fields, plantations, vegetable garden etc.

You know your elders likings and the things interested to them in their past days. Try to make available all these activities to provide a relaxed mind to them.


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