Quick Guide: Different Types Of Drilling Machine Operations

Out of all the machines used in construction and manufacturing purposes, the most indispensable is the drilling equipment. They are used to drill the different surfaces to make the work easier for professionals for a variety of jobs.

The drilling machines create deep holes of different shapes and sizes at various depths. These tools are capable of performing many operations. To know better about the variety of the drilling operations, have a look at the details below.

  1. Auger Tapping

To drill hard surfaces, the professionals use heavy pieces of machinery. But in case of the soft surfaces like soil, light-weight machines like auger drilling tools are used.  They drill the soft surfaces up to the desired depth.

This tool is made up of a hollow tube with three blades. The auger drilling is practised in the mining activities where the specialists examine the specimens of the earth to study them further.  It is the best operation which does not damage the samples, extracted from the ground.

  1. Diamond Core Drilling

It is the most reliable and high-quality drilling technique that drills precise holes in the solid surfaces like rocks and concrete. It is also the best technique for reverse circulations.

This drill is made up of drill bits and a hollow drill rod. The rod acts as a core when drilled into the surface. It is a slow procedure which enhances the lifespan of the diamond-studded drill bits. There are so many advantages that the diamond drilling operation has over the other drilling techniques. It makes precise holes and keeps the environment around the site clean. Therefore, it does not harm the environment in any way.

Additionally, it also provides a cost-effective solution to jobs at hard to reach areas. This tool also produces less vibrations and noise and keep the area away from debris and dust in all possible ways.

There are various projects which can take the help of the diamond drilling method. For instance, they can be used by the archaeologists to uncover the artefacts hidden deep in the grounds. In such a process, diamond drilling will not destroy the relics. Thus, it will be easy for the archaeologists to study them. It is also used in a number of residential and commercial projects like creating holes and tunnels during plumbing or establishing the telephone network.

So, if you are planning to get the benefits of diamond drilling, browse the websites of the companies like CA Drillers that provides reliable drilling and sawing services at affordable rates in your area.

  1. Percussion Rotary Air Blast Drilling

Percussion rotary air blast drilling is the technique that the professionals use during the exploratory drilling method. It is most preferred when the subjects are the toughest surfaces like rocks.

As the name suggests, this technique supports the use of pneumatic pressure to drill the rock using the steel bits. This process is similar to that of hammering which is used to get the necessary ores from the ground. It can cover the depth up to 25 meters. The only factors that make this method preferable are it is easy to perform and affordable in every manner.

  1. Cable Tool Drilling

It is one of the oldest methods which is used to create holes for the water wells. It was so popular that people used this method for several years. Therefore, it was part of many huge and successful water wells projects.

Nowadays, due to the presence of many advanced drilling techniques and tools, professionals have been successful in looking for quicker drilling methods. But no other technique can beat this traditional method. It is perfect for the practical applications where the job requires holes of larger diameter. Also, it is still used in rural areas where the advanced techniques do not reach out.

There are many more types of drilling techniques that are applicable for different projects.  From handheld drills to the huge drilling machines, The professionals use these machines, keeping various safety measures in mind. These types will help you to pick the best method that will suit your project for sure.

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