Should I quit my job to start a new business?

Should I quit my job


Many people are asking this question nowadays especially the youth. People are thinking to quit job because they are fed up with job or can’t go with the company work pressure, sometimes they are not happy with their current job or salary.  Whatever the reason, don’t quit your job unless you have an income to live. To start a business doesn’t leave your job. If your business is not succeeding then it will be a tragedy. So start your own business without quitting your current job. We all know this is not so easy to do, but it is possible. For your great future you need to work hard. 

Before starting business you should ask yourself some questions such as – why should I start this business? What kind of product or service will provide? How much money need to spend in business? How can i manage my business along with my job? If you can answer all these questions correctly then you are in a right path. Do a deep research about your customers, suppliers and competitors. You should have a good business plan that describes what to do and how to do. You need deadlines and everyday goals to make your business successful. 

You are becoming two people, an employee and a business man at once. You need to make your business a successful one by working for another employer. So customize your time, schedule it for both your business and job. Work hard and take necessary steps to achieve your business goal will help your business to become a successful one. Once you know your business is in the right track then you can quit your job and concentrate more in your business.

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