How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

These days millions of people using Facebook Account. This is part of every person life. we get interact with our friends family and stranger people. We talk with them and get close with everyone it just like the whole world on it. You can also contact Facebook Customer Service

But there is something scary on Facebook hacking, everyone know about this but I will tell this is so dangerous especially for girls who post their picture on Facebook Account.

There is nothing reason to hack the account. They just using the account and post dirty things on your account. And get you blackmail they can do everything to destroy your reputation. On this article we will tell you how to protect Facebook Account from getting hacked.

Secure Facebook Account login password  

There is many ways to hacking your passwords and this is only do when someone have your password. And you using someone mobile, computer, laptop for using Facebook Account and forget to Log out. Especially teenageres do this mistake. Cyber cafes this place is good for hackers to hack your Facebook Account. Some people have no data on there phones and some people have no phones. So, what they do to use Facebook for them this place is best place for using Facebook. but some people do a  mistake to save password on computer and this is easy to hack your Facebook Account. Lets secure your Facebook with mobile to follow these steps.

Follow steps to make your password strong

  • Go to the account settings.
  • Then click on general.
  • Change your password on password option.

You can select your password for using some capital letters, small letters, and symbols. for using this you create a strong password. And don’t use your name birthdate,everything which relates to you.

1). Mobile Number confirm

  • This is only do when you forget your password. so, this is help you to send the new sms from Facebook Account to change your password.
  • Follow these instruction to get a Facebook login code generator code.
  • Go to account setting on your mobile.
  • Then click on add a phone option.
  • Then select the country and mobile carrier then click on next.
  • Now you fill the code on the code column.
  • You get a option to share your number  with friends you allow the friends text me on Facebook click on this option then next.
  • And now your mobile number is registered with your Facebook Account

2). How to secure Facebook privacy settings

  • Firstly login your Facebook Account with correct address.
  • If you using Facebook on chrome on any browser so, make sure the Facebook official page will be correct. Don’t open in any other Facebook link who is not related with the official Facebook.
  • When you open your Facebook Account you will see the drop down menu on your right side menu.
  • Go to the settings and open it.
  • Then open security option.
  • When you open security setting you get the list of setting and you manage on edit which appears in blue the right of setting.

3). Set up login alerts.

This is alert you when someone logs into your Facebook Account from a device or browser. You can click the option Facebook notification, email, or text messages. If want to active

  • click on edit option
  • Then login alerts.
  • Then save changes.

4).Activate the Facebook login approvals

This will  be gives you a extra security to secure your Facebook Account when you login into another device you should request to a Facebook login code generate.

  • Go to the edit option the right of login approvals.
  • Then click on get started.

There is more common way to generate the Facebook code. Through the mobile or Facebook app. If you need to login Facebook code and you don’t have mobile you can get Facebook login code.

  • Open login approvals option
  • Then click on get codes
  • Enter the facebook password and  click on submit option.

Activate Private browser chrome

When you using Facebook on chrome. So, there an option to  using incognito tab this is the latest version of chrome browser. Where you can do all activity on it and never logged in.

  • open Your Facebook Account in incognito mode
  • Go to the file then open incognito window.

How to avoid spam links on Facebook Account

The Facebook is more serious about spamming links this always enhance the features to get sure Facebook Account safe or being victim from spams. These type of spam come from messages, chat, phishing links, etc. They will redirect you for a fake or a bad sites.


The malicious links these link retrieve you of your personal information and get harm your computer. When you get a links on emails they are also a phishing sites. So, beware for these links. Never click on links when someone you send it. If you get a links from your friends so firstly ask them about link. Mainly these links come from your friends.

Log out Facebook after use

This important part of Facebook whenever you use Facebook Account after using you must log out from Facebook Account this also protects your account.

Conclusion:  These all about how to secure my Facebook Account from hackers. So, if you are facing hacking problems you can follow these easy steps to recover your Facebook Account by by taking help from Facebook Helpline Number in your daily life and if you want more information about facebook or any other things you can visit on our sites.


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