The SKODA KODIAQ – Is Functionality Really the new Sexy?

The tagline SKODA is using for this new model is ‘functionality at its most attractive’. Which possibly isn’t the sexiest of promotions on the face of it but let’s take a look at what we can glean from what SKODA are offering with the KODIAQ.

Get Ready for the September Tease

First of all, the KODIAQ is an SUV. Functionality has got to be oozing from the very chassis with this fact alone. Though, until the world debut in September, we won’t know the confirmed specs of this vehicle – our knowledge is currently skin-deep only – but it is clear that SKODA are going to create a decent competitor for the SUV market.

It is also robust, suits all types of terrain and offers the best flexibility and functionality. We wanted to visualise this in the exterior design as well as the interior. Form and functionality are therefore in harmony in the SKODA KODIAQ. – Jozef Kaban, SKODA Head of Design.

There’s a lot of Talk About Lines

One of the main points I took away from reading up about the SKODA KODIAQ is that there will be lines, lines and more lines. A big focus for SKODA seems to be geared towards promoting the angular, striking and precise look of the KODIAQ, inside and out. The long wheelbase attests to the spacious (and we can assume functional) interior space that will be provided. Obviously – and somewhat ironically as we are made to wait with bated breath for the visual clue – the interior will be a big selling point of the model, in term of design but of course space.

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We are carrying the exterior’s wide, clear lines forward into the interior. And the emphasis here is on the harmony between form and functionality, on calm and clarity. For me, a car has to function perfectly and also radiate aesthetics. An interior should spark feelings of trust and well-being. – Jozef Kaban, SKODA Head of Design.

If the sketches are anything to go by, the exterior with the large, striking air vents; the improved, although still classically SKODA, C-shaped LED rear lights; and the toothy grille, looks just as flawlessly and progressively developed as the interior is professed to be. Importantly, even with the talk of elegance and tranquility, the KODIAQ does look impressively sporty and aggressive too, enough so to surely peak the interest of prospective SUV buyers.

The SKODA KODIAQ is a pioneer for our brand in two respects. We are entering a new segment with our first large SUV above the YETI. And at the same time, the KODIAQ is the first model with the new SKODA SUV design language. – Jozef Kaban, SKODA Head of Design.

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