Spend some time in the historical monuments of Trogia

Monuments - Trogia

Croatia, officially recognized by the name of Republic of Croatia is located in central Europe. It has a number of attractions like the city gate, duke’s palace, Trogir and city Loggia etc. Among them, one city has been a famous attraction for tourists around the globe, the city of Trogir. It is considered as one of the most exciting and oldest cities of the Croatian empire. Situated along the Adriatic coast, this place has been a heritage for travel destinations.

Trogir has several landmarks renowned for its tourist attractions. St Lawrence Cathedral is a very famous landmark in Trogir. This huge structure is standing tall since 1903 after initially recognized by the name of Bell Tower. This tower has had a long historical story attached to its name. The eastern, western, northern and southern sides were built on separate occasions by different names. The structure is still erect without any major damage and serving as a major tourist landmark in Trogir.

The main city square is yet another magnificent attraction of Trogir. Initially constructed in the year 1300, the city square was given its final structure in the 15th century. The building lays the style foundation for the Gothic theme, along with a staircase. The building rains down the beauty of historical age that will make you stare at the building. Two other major attractions at Trogir are the small and large Cipiko palaces. These palaces were home to Alvise Cipiko, son of the famous poet Koriolan. On the other hand, the large Cipiko palace was occupied by the clever marriage strategies of Koriolan and Petar Cipoko. This palace consists of the western portion of Main Square, the huge cathedral and other important public buildings.

Besides the above, you can also experience attractions like Loggia city, Garagnin palace, radovan’s portal, church of St Barbara and Pinacotheque etc.

In our successive posts, we will update you other interesting travel destinations.

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