Things to Remember before Choosing Glass Shower Door

While designing the interior of your house, you should also pay attention to the bathroom door and the entire decoration of that place. After a tiring day, when you relax in your bathtub, the soothing and calming effect keeps you relaxed. Many of you go for shower curtains, but if you want to go for more decorative way, custom shower glass door is the best thing you can do for your house.

While buying or renovating your house with glass shower doors, you need certain things to consider. There are different types of glass doors available at the market. Here, you will get a thorough buying guide before going for a glass door for your bathroom.


  1. Kind of Glass Door You Should Choose

Glass shower doors are made of tempered doors which is sturdier than usual glass doors. The best measurement of such door must be of 3/8” of thickness, and the glass must be with 3/4” and ½” of thickness. This will make the glass stronger enough to be the best shower door. You can choose any type of finishes, like pick frosted doors for privacy, while you can choose a textured style for making it more intriguing. You can also buy etched glass if you like the patterned design. If you are choosing glass for the bathroom window, go for clear finish glass as that will allow sunlight to make your bathroom look brighter and cleaner.

  1. Types of Glass Door You Can Buy

There are several types of glass doors available at the market. You can pick any of it depending on the function of it. While deciding the best shower door, you should think of certain essentials, like

  • Shower space of your bathroom
  • How your bathtub is laying
  • Materials of the supporting walls
  • Maximum weight it can support

Depending on these issues, you can choose a door from the following types-

  • Framed Doors– These are made from textured glass and surrounded and supported by frames. It will make your bathroom look elegant while they are economical than other options.
  • Semi-frameless Doors– There are many who want frameless doors, but those are expensive. If you want style within your budget, go for semi-frameless doors. These glass doors come with metal framing except around the door. Maintaining this kind of door is quite easy.
  • Frameless Doors– For modern style of bathroom, this is the best type of doors. If you are fond of the sleek and stylish bathroom door, go for it.
  1. Maintenance of the Bathroom Glass Door

While choosing custom bathroom glass doors, these are essentials to know. If you are going for framed doors, you should clean it regularly by scrubbing, unless the residue of water and soap will wear it with time. If you have the door with textured glass, you can keep it clean just by wiping it time to time.

So, these are the important thing you should remember while buying glass doors for your bathroom. There are varieties available and you can choose any one from those. Take care of the material and it will serve you long.


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