How Tourism Can Promote Benefits To The Environment – A Different Perspective

norway-772991_1920 (1)Tourism has the potential to create benefits to the environment. The money generated from tourism activities can be put into environment protection and conservation. The impact assessment associated with tourism often raises the awareness among local population about environmental values and often forces people to see things not only from an economic perspective.

In parts of Indonesia and Malaysia the money generated from tourism is being spent extensively for conservation activities. Some of the conservation activities include regenerating forests, protecting endangered species and reducing pollution through the implementation of management methods. In parts of the US for example there are rafting levies which help fund conservation activities.

Improved environmental planning and management is also happening in some parts of the world. This reduces the ecological impact of tourism activities. Tourism also has the potential to contribute to the restoration of biological diversity. In parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America pristine forest areas have been set aside specifically by developers. The intend is not develop these areas and allow natural processes to continue unabated. Experts say that increasing the awareness and looking at nature not purely from an economic perspective can help in reducing the environmental impact of tourism.

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