Go on a trip to Thailand without blowing your budget

Trip to Thailand


Thailand is one of the safest holiday spots in the world. According to the great Britain tourism survey 2014, 16 million foreigners come to visit Thailand every year and 69% out of them are repeated visitors. Thailand is also known as land of smiles because anyone who visit Thailand is sure to get a warm welcome with pleasing smiles. So, get your tickets to Thailand, pack your bags and fly to the world’s favorite holiday destination.

You have lots of options to save money when you are in Thailand for a vacation. The accommodation in northern part of Thailand is available at low costs. So, if you want to save money, avoid staying in Bangkok or Islands. You can head towards the North and stay in a place from where you can easily get transportation to Bangkok and other popular cities. If you are on a low budget, you can eat food from the small food stalls on the streets. The food supplied in these stalls are hygienic and yummy. You can avail a wide variety of Thailand dishes from these local food stores which may not be available in restaurants. Likewise, you do not have to rent a car to roam around in Thailand. Local buses are available to almost everywhere in the country.

You will be surprised to know that an average Thai lives a comfortable life by spending less than $230 USD in Bangkok. The living cost goes even down at the countrysides. So, when you are in Thailand, eat local food, drink local beer and use local transportation to spend your vacation without blowing your budget.

Start your vacation in Thailand by exploring the beautiful city of Bangkok. Explore the ancient temples, palaces, big shopping malls and experience the crazy night life in Bangkok. If you are a person who loves to be in historic places, never miss to visit Chiang Mai. This old city of Thailand is surrounded by dark forests and has a lot of historic palaces and temples. Chiang Mai would be the right spot to start your jungle treks.

In our next blog, we will discuss more about popular holiday spots in Thailand.

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