Types of Cranes One Should Know About Before Looking for Crane Rentals

While handling large construction projects, crane rental is a necessity. Cranes ease out many heavy duties works that are humanly impossible to handle or are too time to consume. Cranes are one of the best innovations that have become like a god sent boon for builders and contractors. These machines, if utilized up to its full extent, can really speed up your work. But what most people do not know is that the wrong type of crane chosen can slow down your work.

Generally, each crane is constructed to perform a specific task. If another crane is used for a task that it is not meant for, then the crane will surely be able to complete the work but it may take longer than intended and may involve more work. So, the quickest way to complete a task is that the right crane type is chosen. A crane rental company can easily help you through this. Also, the operator handling the crane must be skilled enough to handle the crane with agility and should be dextrous with the controls. To pick the right type at the crane rentals, you need to have a basic idea of all the types of cranes available and its functions.

Crane Rental

Crane Rental

For this, here all the 5 types mentioned with the details of its usage:

  1. Telescopic cranes: This is a crane that gets its name due to several tubes interlinked with each other that form along extendable and retractable arm that is controlled by hydraulic mechanisms. This crane is used for accessing places that are at a height or for achieving the right height for a hoist. This is a crane mounted on a moving vehicle that makes it mobile.
  1. Mobile cranes: This is the type of crane that is most commonly used in the construction process. Any crane rental company would have these cranes in large numbers to be able to serve more customers. It is known for its versatility in applications and has easy mobility. The boom of the crane is hinged at the bottom and can either be raised or lowered according to the need. This enables the crane to hoist all objects and place it according to the task requirement.
  1. Tower crane: This is a form of a balanced crane that is used for hoisting extremely heavy objects as it has a stable base to balance out the weight of the heavy object. These cranes are really helpful for building skyscrapers as these cranes are capable of reaching the height of 1000 meters. The only drawback is that it needs a lot of setup work as it is fixed to the ground.
  1. Overhead crane: This crane is alternatively known as a suspended crane. These are capable of lifting heavy loads and are a permanent construction fixed at one place. The crane rental companies usually have this constructed at shipyards or at places where heavy and enormous objects are to be lifted. The hoist is like a trolley which will move in one direction along two beams at elevated ground levels.
  1. Truck mounted crane: This crane is known by several names like folding boom cranes and picker truck. These trucks have tyres that can run well even in rough terrains and that is why these cranes are preferred for working in places with uneven terrains. But with such mobility, the cranes have lower hoisting capacity. The load-bearing capacity barely exceeds 50 ton.
Crane Rental Service Provider

Crane Rental Service Provider

All these types of cranes provided by crane rental companies. They all need skilled operators that can manoeuvre the crane swiftly and safely along the needed path and do the needed work quickly.

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