Video Marketing Tips That Will Make You Rank Higher This 2018

Have you been using video marketing in your social media strategy even today??? And are you interested in getting them ranked higher on YouTube and the other popular video search engines? Then you are at the right place.

Through the blog, we will show you ideas and strategies that you could use in order to rank higher this 2018. Let’s have a look at them below.


Making it short: When you begin working on video marketing, it is very important to realize that there is a golden community rule, and that is your marketing video should not be more than three minutes. It is this three minutes video where engagement is linked to the video length. And so Is the possibility for the customers to come forward and watch the whole video understanding what you are trying to sell them.

Making it educational: You as a marketer will definitely not like to watch a sales marketing video on YouTube. So try and be educational so that your customers can find a solution to their problems through the video. It is the educational and how to do videos, that are considered to be best types of videos shared on social media. People are looking out for a solution to their problems on the Internet. So it’s always a great idea of having an educational and how to videos for them.

Aim for a better quality: You as a marketer need to make sure that your video is of a quality one, in order to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to the YouTube front page. Individuals hate watching crappy, and poorly crafted videos especially if they are spending their money on the company in a form of buying the products and services. This is something that YouTube really cares about in order to rank its video search results.

Having a relevant headline: The headline of your video will give the message to your customers in those few words. So do make sure that you involve some relevant keywords in it. Also, you need to make sure that your headline is shot, which means not more than 55 characters. And any headline above the mentioned characters will be truncated in any search especially the mobile search. Also make sure of the misleading headlines, though it might be a good idea in the beginning but will damage your rates eventually.

Description of the video: The video description box is one of the best spots for using the main keywords, and climb up to the top main results. So always try and be accurate and precise enough while writing a description. You need to have the basic information included, followed by the headline keeping it really very short.

Long tail keywords: As a marketer, we find it really very hard enough to fight and get on top of the search results. And the only solution here is to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords as the name implies do contain long phrases including the main keywords. And it is these keywords that help in driving potential customers towards your website, helping your video to rank better on the search engine websites.

Call to action button: After you have your customers watching the video, you will have to make them get into action that will lead to effective marketing results. Say for example downloading an app, subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a landing page etc. Most customers will not do anything unless you ask them to do so. And it’s because of this you need to add a call to action button so that they take some action.

Sharing it where ever you can: Do not hesitate to share your videos with the other online community. Have your videos being used in the blog posts, Guest articles and where ever possible on the other type of brands. Also, it is effortless if you do not have a link included on your YouTube, Facebook and the other social networking channels.

To conclude 

So what do you think about above-mentioned tips? Have you been using them? Do you have some piece of advice that you think we could add to the blog post above? Let us know in the comments.

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